Layers of the Land

Key to understanding the nature of the World Tree is understanding the layers of perception in regards to the landscape of your Path.


The Surface Layer

This is the most obvious, most shallow interpretation of your sacred Path. It is literally what things appear as on the surface. Yet such is merely “scratching the surface” of the World, for as we deepen our awareness, we come to see that our Path, like the World entire, is much more than it appears.

The Subtle Layer

As we learn to shift our perception to the subtle planes, we enter the world of the archetypical energies which are always happening underneath. Here, we start to see the roots and branches of the World Tree, the underlying patterns of synchronicity that underlie all of our experiences.

The Causal Layer

Even deeper, we experience the causal layer of our Path, the weaving of cause and effect that give rise to our circumstances.

Here, we come to see more closely the World Tree as the neural net of Divine intelligence, the structure behind the infinite variety of stories and realities that appear in the subtle and surface perceptions of reality.