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peterfae June 6, 2023

The layer of collective consciousness & ancestral lines

The Mneomosphere is the root layer of the Tree of Life.  It is the atmosphere of Gaia where the patterns of our ancestries and lineages exist, where the karmic impressions weave a tapestry of interactions between our lives.  It exists in the depths of the Mythosphere, and is equivalent to the deep subconscious.

Like the mythosphere above it the mnemosphere contains an aspect of the karmic patterns which form our stories and their synchronicities.  Yet while the branches of the tree’s expression through our self manifest as our personal mythologies rainbow road, the roots of the mnemosphere speak to what lay beneath those mythologies, to the lineages and traditions, the karmic timelines and bloodlines which lay within our ancestry.

In the Axis Mundi of the individual self the mnemosphere of Gaia manifests as the deep-rooted patterns in one’s unconsciousness, the karmic lineages and associations which go back through many lifetimes of evolution.  As we move through the interpretation and resolution of the karmic trials upon our path, we clear these patterns from the field.

To say where the Mythosphere and the mnemosphere become distinct from each other is hazy, for the impressions which move through the roots and branches of our karmic conditions are constant through all the levels of the tree, manifesting in different aspects of themselves along the way.  However, as a general rule, we perceive the mnemosphere more strongly when we recognize the depths and breadths of the karmic lineages that lay within the depths of our being.

From a certain karmic perspective, the mnemosphere is also the realm of ghosts, which is to say the residual impressions in our tree of life left over from the lineage of karmas we are born to.

Here, we look more deepy the karmic impressions which make up our ancestry, giving rise to the patterns of Aka within our stories.

As we move deeper into the mnemosphere we also move into the realms of collective consciousness, leaving behind the myopic perspective of our thread of life as separate from the larger world and embracing the recognition that we are and always have been part of a multitude of forms within the larger context of Nature herself.

At this level of consciousness the sense of our individual self is recognized in a collective way.