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The Tree of Life

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  1. Trees of Life
    Lesson 10: Integration and reflection on the transformative power of the expanded Tree of Life concept
  2. Lesson 9: Practical applications of the expanded Tree of Life paradigm in daily life
  3. Layers of the Land
    Lesson 8: Techniques for aligning our axis mundi with the synchronicities of the world tree
  4. Lesson 7: Examining the role of the world tree in shaping our timeline of synchronicities
  5. Lesson 6: The modern Tree of Life as a mixture of individual and collective karmic patterns
  6. Lesson 5: The interplay between the substance of our axis mundi and the substance of the world tree
  7. Lesson 4: Unraveling the significance of synchronicity in our lives
  8. Lesson 3: Exploring the relationship between our spine, nervous system, and the axis mundi
  9. Lesson 2: Understanding the concept of the axis mundi and its connection to our personal reality
  10. Lesson 1: Introduction to the Tree of Life and its expanded paradigm
  11. Roots & Branches of Synchronicity
    The Tree of Life in the Modern Context: Examining how the concepts of the heroic journey, timeline, synchronicity, and karmic patterns relate to our modern understanding of the Tree of Life.
  12. The Macro Expression: Understanding how the collective experiences and synchronicities shape the macro expression of the Tree of Life.
  13. The Micro Expression: Exploring how our individual experiences reflect the micro expression of the Tree of Life.
  14. The Weave of Synchronicities: Investigating how the synchronicities in our lives form a complex web that is intertwined with the larger world around us.
  15. The Axis Mundi of the Self: Unveiling the concept of the axis mundi as the center of our being and its connection to the Tree of Life.
  16. Karma and the Timeline: Exploring the relationship between our karmic patterns and how they manifest along our timeline of experiences.
  17. The Spine and Nervous System: Understanding the role of the spine and nervous system in holding our karmic patterns and shaping our experiences.
  18. Synchronicity and the Timeline: Examining the interplay between our individual timeline and the synchronicities that occur in our lives.
  19. The Timeline as the Spine of Our Story: Exploring how our life experiences unfold along a timeline and how it shapes our personal narrative.
  20. The Heroic Journey of the Self: Understanding the concept and significance of the hero's journey in personal growth and transformation.
  21. Embracing the wisdom of the Tree of Life and living in alignment with its principles
  22. Integrating the teachings of the Tree of Life into everyday life
  23. The Tree of Life as a guide for achieving balance and harmony in life
  24. Applying the principles of the Tree of Life to manifest our desires and intentions
  25. Applying the lessons learned to achieve a deeper connection with Gaia and the Tree of Life
  26. The Tree of Life as a map for navigating the realms of consciousness
  27. Integrating the modern understanding of the Tree of Life into our daily lives
  28. Unraveling the weave of synchronicities and its role in shaping the World Tree
  29. The Tree of Life and its connection to ancient wisdom traditions
  30. The personal axis mundi: exploring the connection between our body's structure and the Tree of Life
  31. Exploring the Tree of Life in relation to astrology and cosmic influences
  32. Examining the concept of space and time and how they relate to the Tree of Life
  33. Using the Tree of Life to understand and enhance our creative expression
  34. The role of the spine and nervous system in our karmic patterns and their impact on our interactions
  35. The Tree of Life as a blueprint for harmonious relationships and community building
  36. Unveiling the roots and branches of the World Tree and their influence on our personal journey
  37. The Tree of Life and its role in ecological awareness and sustainability
  38. Understanding the interconnectedness of our lives and the synchronicities that shape our experiences
  39. Cultivating a deeper connection with nature through the Tree of Life
  40. Exploring the concept of the heroic journey and its connection to the Tree of Life
  41. The Tree of Life as a guide for finding purpose and meaning in life
  42. Exploring the spiritual dimensions of the Tree of Life
  43. Introduction to the Tree of Life and its significance in understanding our existence
  44. Harnessing the energy of the Tree of Life for healing and transformation
  45. Using the Tree of Life to navigate life's challenges and obstacles
  46. The Tree of Life as a tool for personal growth and self-discovery
  47. Exploring the different cultures and traditions that have embraced the Tree of Life
  48. The symbolism and archetypes associated with the Tree of Life
  49. Discovering the sacred geometry within the Tree of Life
  50. Understanding the interconnectedness of all life through the Tree of Life
  51. The Tree of Life in the modern form and its relevance in today's world
  52. Exploring the weave of synchronicities that make up the World Tree
  53. The personal axis mundi of the spine and nervous system and its significance
  54. How our karmic patterns shape our interactions and experiences in space and time
  55. The spine and nervous system as the basis for our karmic patterns
  56. The roots and branches of the World Tree and their connection to our lives
  57. Unveiling the substance of Gaia and our role as cells within it
  58. Understanding the next-generation understanding of the Tree of Life
  59. Exploring the concept of the heroic journey along the Tree of Life
  60. Introduction to the Tree of Life and its significance in understanding our self and the world
  61. Axis Mundi - Your Tree of Life
    1 Topic
  62. The Tree of Lives (The World Tree)
    2 Topics
  63. Self and the Soil - The Layers of Consciousness
  64. Terrasphere
  65. Mythosphere
  66. Mnemosphere
  67. Akasphere
  68. Aethersphere
  69. Layers of the Land
    7 Topics
  70. Prisms of Personality
  71. Threads of Life
    2 Topics
Lesson 71, Topic 1
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Threads of Life

Peter Fae June 6, 2023
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Everything in life is a pattern.  A repetition in the cycles of Nature.  What we experience as our mortal lives is a repetition of those patterns in a vastly intricate and complex way that creates the experience of conscious awareness of ourselves.  Yet while the patterns which make up the many varietals of the human condition are many, they are more simple and more constant than are often perceived. Like all aspects of the journey of awareness this relates to how aware we are of the patterns of life, which is to say, how the pattern of life appear to us through the aspect of that pattern that makes up our karmic perspective. Examples of patterns – weave, threadwork, lightning bolts crackling out over time, the silouette of a human being, the veins and arteries of the earth, the doshas, the elemental nature of things, everything is a constant pattern.  What changes here is the individual incarnate’s ability to perceive those patterns, reminding again that the factor which is changing is perception itself, perception of the larger form through the smaller.

We are a part of the land. What we experience in our lives are part of that landscape, made of the threads of life itself.

To ground this into your life, think of a weave of multicolored strings, each of them representing the electromagnetic pattern which defines your life. In this context, YOU are made of the strings, made of a weave of karmic threads which move across the land.

To truly understand this, we must look at the idea of monocarnate & transcarnate perspectives on life, to see the patterns of our life as they occur beyond our singular body and it’s story into the much larger dimensions of Life herself.

Here we must learn to see how the threads of our Fate & Fortune are but a small part of a larger weave, the myth of our Character and it’s timeline part of a much larger tapestry of interrelated events.

How this plays out in your Path & Land

How the threads of the world create your path and it’s landscape Our lives are cyclical patterns.  Patterns of thought, patterns of behavior, of emotional reaction and response that occur over and over again across lifetimes.  In the journey of conscious evolution, we are actively working to see those patterns and change them, a process which requires mindfulness.  The reasons for this are simple, yet the implications of that simplicity are vast, relating to the most core assumptions of the human condition and our response to them, which is to say the nature of karmic bondage and our relationship with liberation itself.

As an individual human being in your current incarnate form, what we experience as our current sense of personality and it’s medley of patterns is a composite of these threads of elements, they are the karmic foundations for our perception and reception of the Creation.

Seen from this perspective, every aspect of the human condition is a threadwork of patterns which repeat over and over again within the cycles of nature.  Yet while this is the absolute causality of our experience in the mortal plane, where things become fascinating is the point where we exert conscious influence over the threads, when we become the weaver of our life.

There are many ways of looking at the threads of the weave, all of which are part of the many layers of the earth’s atmosphere and relate fundamentally to our progression through life and lives, influencing and defining both the monocarnate and transcarante pattern of our existence.

Seen from such a context, every identity that we have in the mortal plane, every ego that we inhabit our our journey of return to the Source of all things is architecturally made of these threads of nature, made of intricate patterns of action and consequence across a theatre of lives.

What we experience as our individual timeline is itself made from many threads of cause and effect from many timelines, all of which are part of the much larger karmic substance of the planet herself.  As we make the journey from the illusion of separation to the recognition of our unity and inclusion as part of the planet, it is these threads which inform us to the interconnection, forming the lattice of synchronicities beneath our many lives and legends. The basic idea here is one of layers, both of the structure of things and our perception of them through the lens of our current awareness.  Here we’re going to look at the layers of the earth in a new way, showing how the subtle threads of that planetary body form the basis of our lives.

Like all the aspects of our perception of ourselve and the reality we live within, our ability to see the subtle layers of the planet is defined by the Age of the Akasha in which we exist, meaning we can only see up to the threshold of our current horizon, a thing defined by the much larger system in which we exist.

Yet in our model, we are looking at the layers of the land from a more subtle level of sensory acuity, seeing how the interwoven biomes of the planet form the lattice of cause and effect that underlie our many incarnate lives.  Here, we are coming to see the cycles of life on a deeper level, moving our perspective from the myopic viewpoint of a single incarnation and it’s illusion of separation into the inclusive understanding of our our place and purpose as part of the planet herself.

The idea is this – When we look at our body in the Terrasphere, from the layer of perceiving our biology, we have various layers of threadwork in the form of our nervous system, of the weave of muscles and fascia and the many microscopic filaments that form the organs and systems of our form.

If we were to shift our awareness to the electromagnetic and view our body as a collection of rainbow energies through our chakras, we would be looking at the same thing, merely seeing it as another level of itself. Yet while these are both valid ways of looking at the architecture of life within our form, there is another way to see things – one that incorporates these aspects into an understanding of the threads of life, the way in which those patterns in the biology and the chromology of our existence create the circumstances of our story. Here we gain a physical sense of the energetic, a way of seeing the weave of our chakras and the conditions they create in a grounded, structural way that connects us to the much larger weave of life that is our planet.

Looking at the process with simplicity, we are simply deepening the subtlety of how we are perceiving the layers of form that exist within us, bringing together our perceptions of the relationship between our soul and the soma, between the patterns woven into the karmic substance of our self and their expression as our story.

As awareness gains the ability to see the threads of one’s life and story as part of the gross and subtle architecture of their form itself we anchor the idea that our life, that our very point of view itself and all the conditions of our manifest world are structural, part of the subtle architecture of our form itself.

Seen from such a vantage, the conceptual expansion from the karmic fibers within our body to the expression of those fibers in the field that surrounds us becomes anchored, and we can start to fill in the gap between the illusion of separation and the reality of our unified field.