Academy Fundamentals - Timelines

Our timeline is the spine of our Story.  The thread of our progression from one experience to another in our life.  It is the thread of our life, part of the much larger tapestry of threads that make up the Great Story of humanities Awakening.  As explorers on the road to a more heavenly earth, we move along our timelilne, intersecting with others in moments of synchronicity.

Your timeline is the thread of your path, the continuity of events upon which your story unfolds.  It is the firmament of your experience, the spine of your story.

As we move along our timeline, we travel through different realms, different points of inner and outer reality, where we experience the trials and triumphs of our heroic journey.  Our timeline has special significance in the context of the akasha, for it is the intersection of our timelines that we gain a sense of the interplay between the various stories that exist within the world and the characters which populate those stories.

Your Timeline is your Thread in the Great Story

In the Mythica, Authors track their timelines, showcasing the people, places and events that occur on the surface of Gaia.  As we do this, we illuminate the subtle and causal layers of her substance, revealing the worlds beneath the world.

Our timeline is the spine of our Story.  It is our unique thread in the tapestry of the Great Story.  It is our branch upon the World Tree of synchronicities that lay beneath the surface of the World.

As we progress along our timeline, we move through various Realms, vibrational realities which reflect the conditions of our current self.