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Self and the Soil – The Layers of Consciousness

On the Journey of Awakening, we must look at something challenging to perceive, yet intrinsic to the Quest itself. That we only have so much awareness at any given moment. This determines our level of access to the assets of consciousness, and is defined by our subconscious patterns.

Layers of the Mind

We relate to this from our current level of awareness, what we are “conscious” of. Yet consider, that what informs our reality is much deeper, beneath the surface. To navigate the depths is what the framework of the Physics of the Quest is here to help you do.

The Line of Mystery

Between what we are aware of and what we are not is a subtle line of distinction. The Line of Mystery, the horizon that meets the seas of consciousness as far as we can see. Much like an iceberg, what we are conscious of is but the tip, yet most of the body of that mass lay beneath the ocean, down into the waters of the subconscious.

Even deeper still is that darkness of what we are completely unaware of, the depths of the unconscious. Learning to navigate the Waters of the Self is one of the goals of the Quest. We train ourselves to become more aware of the reality of the Line of Mystery, to move through the subconscious patterns that *define* our reality.

For as we become more aware of the depths of ourself, we can approach the causal and subtle layers that create our reality. We are able to work more deeply with those patterns, which is intrinsically related to our abundance.

The Structure of the Subconscious

Most beings are asleep at this time to the depths of who and what they actually are.  As we make the journey to the Abundance paradigm, we must investigate the relationship between our subconscious mind and it’s effect on our manifestation. From a structural perspective, the conditions of our manifestation are the embodiment of subtle impressions within the structure of the self.  To return to our metaphor of Water in it’s various states, consider an iceberg.  In this example, the part of the iceberg that sits above the waterline is our conscious awareness.  Beneath it, and of far greater mass and influence upon the surrounding oceanscape, is our subconscious, containing within it our portion of the patterns within the collective field that must be addressed to allow for easier manifestation aligned with our Divine design, the seed within. This has a tremendous effect on our manifestation, for the unknown and far greater mass of what lay beneath the surface of our consciousness awareness is what truly gives rise to the impressions of itself in the Akasha.  It is the understanding of the mass of our locus of self seen from the vantage that most beings have barely scratched the surface of how deep their current self is. These impressions within the “ice’ of the subconscious then manifest on the surface of our experience as the various conditions of our lives.  They are the substance of sanskara, of karma and dharma and the definition of the progression of that dissolution across time.

In this context, most beings live on the surface of their awareness of self, not understanding that their manifest reality is deeply affected by what lay beneath their line of Mystery, the patterns and impressions within the ‘ice’ of their subconscious.

To take this journey down into the Center of the Self is the journey deeper into the Mythica, towards the Source of our Stories. Here, we come to see the caverns of creation within us, the subtle pathways and channels that are etched within the ice of the soul. It is a process of discovery and divination, navigating our way through, yet as we do, we uncover and unearth the treasures frozen within us.

Yet, those very treasures we find frozen within the traumas that are the trials of the Quest. The etching in the ice from past painful experiences, that left lasting impressions, often buried beneath our awareness. This is where the shadow-work and healing happens. We cannot stay the same version of ourself, and expect a new reality.

To make our journey into the magical World, we must clear these patterns, doing the inner work that changes our outer experience. All healing and movement towards wholeness involves the clearing of these causal impressions which, on the most subtle level of form, literally create the conditions of our incarnation from one droplet of form to another. A challenging task, yet within this mass of self and the necessity of clearing it’s subconscious patterns lay a tremendous gift.  The purpose of one’s life, waiting to be unearthed through the ice.  The Seed Within of our Heart’s Desire.