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peterfae June 6, 2023

The Mythosphere is where your myth unfolds

The Mythosphere and the Mnemosphere are the layers of the planetary consciousness which hold our stories.

 layer of the World Tree where Realms are traversed.  It is the topography of the landscapes of legend beneath our stories.

The Mythosphere and the Mnemosphere are the realm of our stories.  They are the roots and branches of our axis mundi, our personal tree of life and it’s karmic conditions.  They are the places where the impressions of form in the ethers of the AKASHA manifest as the archetypes of our stories.  Together, they form the underlands of the Mythica.

In many ways I see the mythosphere as a forest full of statues, of figurines from the various Ages of humanity still holding the karmic memories of their significance in time and space, each holding their own dominions and realms of influence across the substance of the worlds.

They are the places of mythology, where we encounter one another and the various forms of nature in a fugue of images and meanings, moving through a world of symbols and sensations that is our path through life.

The mythosphere is the layer of form which exists just below the surface in the subtle territories of the self.  It is the entrance-point to the underlands and the journey into the depths of the Tree of Life.  In my travels I have come to recognize it as the layer of our subconscious where our more archetypical and mythical selves exist, where we are all mystical beings on the journey through the realms of our tree of life.