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Understanding the Rainbow Bridge

Peter Fae February 17, 2022

The Rainbow Bridge

Central to the journey deeper into the Mythica is the understanding of the rainbow bridge, what in some interpretations is called the bifrost, or the rainbow road.  It is the road of becoming, that which passes between different realities upon the Tree of Life.

It is this road upon which we travel, moving from one reality to another across the vibrational embodiment of our inner and outer circumstance.

The rainbow bridge is intrinsically linked to the World Tree in the sense that when we change our inner landscape, we arrive at a new coordinate of circumstance in the physical world.  This is the idea of “As Within, So Without” viewed as a chromatic mirror.  It is the basis for our movement between the many realms and realities and the journey to Heaven on Earth.

A Brief History of the Rainbow Bridge

In many mythologies there is the idea of the rainbow bridge.  A portal between realities that exists within our consciousness.  Classically, this is the idea that there is a passageway that one can take between the mundane reality of Earth to that of the Gods.

In the context of the Mythica, the many iterations and lore of mythology in the human plane are distorted, for they come from the erroneous idea that there is separation between the many aspects of the Self.  From this point of error comes the idea that the ‘Gods’ and ‘Goddesses’, and realms of ‘Asgard’, ‘Midgard’, ‘Olympus’, and all the other ‘magical worlds’ exist outside of the self and it’s resonant vibration.

From this perspective, the rainbow bridge is not a thing outside of the self, but the inner transformation.  That which brings one from the realm of incoherence and distortion (the unrealized, unawakened version of oneself) to coherence, the more Awakened and Divinely embodied version of oneself.  This is the real movement between the realms.

On a structural level, our timeline of adventure is an alchemical movement across time and space, where the transformation of our inner energies can be viewed as an energetic journey of changing vibration.

In the context of our sacred Path, this action of movement through the energies of our self and the reality they embody is known as “walking the rainbow road”, also known as the “rainbow bridge” and is the road we walk to move between realities.

As we move along our Path, we are always moving through the expression of our current subtle energy – meaning, we experience a reality made of the very substance of our current self projected outwards. To move to a new reality, we must change those inner “colors”, clearing the patterns and blockages in our chakras and other energetic systems so that we can experience a more abundant version of our potential.

The Rainbow of your Reality

In one manner or another, we are always moving between realities.

We are always walking the rainbow bridge, the shifting colours of our inner landscape manifest as our outer experience.  The textures of vibration which create our current self are always shifing in their endless process of becoming.  As we gain awareness and understanding of what this means in terms of our manifest reality, we gain facility in shifting our conditions for the better.

On a structural level of elements, we are made of particular hues, tones of vibration.  These hues create the halo of our circumstance, the manifestation that surrounds our current Self.  When we change those hues, when we move across the rainbow road of our own Self, we change our reality.

When we change the substance of our prism, the substance of our ‘outer’ reality changes in perfect reflection.  As adventurers, our intention is to gain discernment on that relationship, recognizing the nature of realms and how to walk the rainbow road between them.

On the most basic of levels, your rainbow road moves along a string of synchronicities.  Confluences of people, places and events which define our reality.

It is this pattern, this larger web of roots and branches that we move through on our journey from one reality to another.  In some mythologies, this is known as ‘walking the World Tree’, which is to walk along one’s inner rainbow to a new reality on the surface of Gaia.

The Road between Realities

As we move along our timeline, we walk along our own personal rainbow road through the many realms of our Story.   It is this movement that we track through the maps of the Mythica.

On the deep levels of realization, there is the perception of the substance of the Creation, that of akasha, as the material form of the mindstuff of the Divine.  From such a vantage, one may perceive the elemental movements of that mindstuff, witnessing the many selves in their elemental purity.
From here, one may drop into varying degrees of the self, whereby the psychoemotional play of experiences that defines one’s timeline of self-realization is seen from both ‘inside’ the self and ‘outside’ that point of reference.  One may witness the primal tones and their condition as relative to the harmony that is the underlying firmament of the Divine.  Here, through a myriad of loci of awareness, we see glimpses of this underlying substance.  From the point of view of our current horizon, associations are divined.
One of the ways in which we see this is in the relationship between our chakras and the psychoemotional states we experience.  On a deeper level of understanding, this also implies the very substance of our manifest reality, for we are always living in the substance of our being in context.
For the yogi, understanding the Mythica is simply a deeper dive into the idea of our chakras and the correspondence between their condition, our state of being, and our personal and collective manifestation.
What the Mythica adds here is the context of this happening over time and space, deliberately illuminating the correspondence between the state of our inner “rainbow” and the manifestation of the many hues of that rainbow in the “outer” World.  As we come to see this is expansive demonstration, the deeper nature of the self is revealed, a point of expression through the akasha, the material mindstuff of the Divine.
When we clear the distortions from our chakras, the associated psychoemotional patterns dissapear, for they are one and the same.  When we change our experience of reality, we experience a different reality.  
This is not a thing that happens instantaneously in most cases.  It is something that moves progressively over time and space, it’s alchemical progress forming the firmament of what we experience as our personal evolution.  As this is happening, the very colours within, perceived at subtle depth as the particular vibrations that define our current self, change.
When this happens, our reality changes.  Physically.  On the most subtle of levels, expressing the radiance of that inner substance in the halo of our manifest reality.  As it happens over time and space, we see this changing canvas of inner and outer color along the spine of our timeline, our sacred Story of union with the root and crown of our potential expression wrought into our current personal myth.
This understanding underlies the definition of realms within the context of the Mythica as the inner and outer manifestation of the resonances of the chakras and the impressions within the self expressed through one’s experience.  Such is the undercurrent of our personal heroic journey, the vibrational process that we experience as our sacred path.
Because of the law of mirrors, that we live in the mirror of our own current state of being, when we are moving through a particular pattern, we are literally moving through it’s realm.  It’s manifestation in the very real circumstance of our lives across time and space in a locus point of primal energies.  In this way, we move along a vibrational landscape, a psychoshamanic journey across a primal World of archetypical energies which express themselves through our Story.
This is always going on.  It is the basis for all shamanism, all yogas, all magics and manifestation.  It is the understanding that all things are made of the mindstuff of the Divine, and we are having a necessarily limited viewpoint on that so that we can have a mortal experience.  We are always moving through the substance of our own psychoemotional state, manifest in the circumstance of our life.
To put this in context, over the course of the Quest, Yeshua Lucis and I traveled deeply through the shadows and redemptions of the quality of Value.  It was a thing which manifested in our inner and outer circumstance, occurring through the medium of our relationships and fiscal status.
As we worked with this pattern in the underlands of the self, we moved across the landscape of Gaia, having encounters and relationships, all of which mirrored the current state of that archetypical quality, that of Value in recognition and reception, in our selves over time and space.  This played out in the somatic textures in our bodies, as well as the patterns of thought and reaction to circumstance within our individual and shared field.  Most often, we related the manifestation of the pattern to the root, power, heart and throat chakras, and did work on those areas with deva yoga in effort to change the pattern and thus the manifestation.  While things looked a certain way on the surface of the World, it was this texture of the underlands (the subconscious & archetypical level of perception) that we worked with.
In this context, though we were moving through a number of different places and circumstance on the surface of perception, we were consistently moving through the larger vibrational landscape, that of Value and it’s relationship to the Abundance that is our birthright.
To work through the issues that manifest in one’s experience is to move through the shadow of that quality, the distorted version of it’s pristine state of expansion.  As this happens over time and space, the colours of our chakras clear, which changes that reality.  We walk the rainbow bridge from one manifest reality to another.



  In which we change the frequency and luminance of our own prismatic array, thus changing the reflected reality in which we live.  Such is the causeway between the infinite realms of the Akasha.  Realities that exist in different configurations and luminance.  In the context of our heroic journey, it is the rainbow road that moves between these realities.  It is the pathway through the roots of the World Tree, the network of realities that exist within our human potential.

As Divine Intelligence having a human experience, our sacred Path is always about being one thing in the process of becoming another across the canvas of your life. Structurally, this plays out as the patterns which shape the lens of our perception, defining our access to the infinitude that surrounds us.

When the vibrational patterns within our inner self change, our outer reaiity changes with it.  It is this transformation, this movement between the various colours and luminances of vibrational texture that make up the substance of our self, that is the rainbow bridge (also known as the rainbow road).  The bifrost between the loci (realities) of the World Tree.

In one manner or another, we are always moving between realities.

We are always walking the rainbow bridge, the shifting colours of our inner landscape manifest as our outer experience.  The textures of vibration which create our current self are always shifing in their endless process of becoming.  As we gain awareness and understanding of what this means in terms of our manifest reality, we gain facility in shifting our conditions for the better.

To travel the rainbow road is to move between realities themselves.  To move through the substance of one’s own energies, changing one’s world from the inside-out.

To travel between realms is not easy.  It is a real yoga, demanding that we resolve the patterns within our current Self that are creating the halo of our circumstance.  Yet when we do this, when we change the luminance and hue of the colours that make up our prism of Self, we literally change realities.  We walk the rainbow road.  The bifrost, between the many realms of the World Tree, itself a reflection of the many colours of our hue-man rainbow.


To put this another way, 

You are more than you know. Each of us is something much greater, possessing a wingspan that touches the horizon, waiting to be unfurled.  Within each of us lies a Divinity, waiting to be seen.  Though we often do not remember, the myths and legends that we tell are not about beings outside our Selves, but of the deeper, realized aspect of our own essence.  For so long, humanity has forgotten.  Yet the Truth is this – We are the Gods.  We are the Goddesses.  Coming to Remember who we really are.

Our Path moves along the Rainbow Road

As the basic energies within the rainbow of one’s chakras express themselves through qualities of consciousness, they appear in the form of archetypes from our shared stories.  These are the fireside moments, the dojo’s, the alleyways and the temples.  These are the lovers, the enemies, the allies and the agents of change that appear along our quest, the embodiments of myth and meaning that define the landscape of our legend.

As we move along the timeline of our story, our movement through the qualities of consciousness and their shadows appears through many forms, all part of the unfoldment of our personal myth.  Such is the content of our inner world reflected, appearing in the forms of archetype and avatars, in symbols and interpretations that we discover along the way.

Our inner world is made of relationships with these archetypical qualities, these landscapes of emotion and resolution.  As we move through them, moving through the rainbow of our inner world, we simultaneous walk through the outer world, transforming the substance of both.

We are always moving through the landscape of infinite possibilities that exist within our selves.  Always moving from one point of arrangement to another.  As this happens, as the hues of our inner rainbow change, so does the thread of synchronicities that defines our outer world.

(in this example from the Quest of Yeshua Lucis, we see the progression across the landscape of archetypes along the rainbow road) 

When we truly understand this, we see that our ‘outer’ experience is but a reflection of our ‘inner’ vibrational state.  That as we travel through our lives, we are moving through a landscape of inner change.  A landscape which is *mirrored* in the World around us.

It is a thing directly tied into realms.  To live in a particular realm or state of being is to live in that reality.  When we travel across the realms of the Mythica, we are actively shifting the tones of our own substance in relation to experience.  Finding our way across the octaves of the Creation from Shadow to the Brightlands along the threadline of our heroic journey.

Yet it is one thing to speak of such things, and quite another to demonstrate them.  Such is the reasoning behind the Journey Home, to track out the realms, deepening my understanding of what the Rainbow Bridge actually was, what it connected to, and how such things played out in the human plane.

In pre-Ascendent mythology, beings have had a tendency to displace spiritual Truths, seeing them outside of their Self, yet this in incorrect.  In Truth, there is only the Self, and all such legends and fable are borne from the many aspects of that singular Form.

The archetypes that appear on our journey are unique to us, reflecting the qualities of consciousness that are part and parcel of our mission to transform.  Yet while they change for every traveler, their function is always the same, they are the representations of the realms of our adventure made manifest, the archetypes of the realms of our current state of being.

When we walk between these vibrational conditions, we are moving across the rainbow bridge within our own self.  This has the effect of changing our reality on the most structural of levels.

This movement through the loci of different realms and realities is our personal rainbow bridge through the many realms of the Akasha and the World Tree.  The road upon which we walk our Path and fulfill our sacred Quest.