“Cirque Royale”

“Cirque Royale”

2016 – “Sword in the Stone”

The Path continues to intersect with my fellow road king Niekko Chin as we converge in the City of Angels and make our way northwards, to visit a Queen of Butterflies in the Ley of the land of Ojai …

The Backwards Door


Last Cappuchino before 101

The patterns of this “Holywood” continue to fascinate me. All around is the energy of Story, that of theatre and production, a cacophony of vibrations each living their own tale within this ‘tinseltown’. I had known I would arrive here, of course, given the vision granted to me by Calliope during the 2007 episode ‘The Rose of Story“, yet to be here, wandering through the Mythica of her deeper octave, is always new.


The Many Hues

I witness a photo of the merchant. Beneath the surface, pulsing through the octave of the Mythica, I see his great service. The fashioning of rainbows to Earth, such that the people may clad themselves in that remembrance. It is a noble act, one which he delivers humbly, that helps us paint the World anew.

I tell him so. Later, Niekko reminds me that such is the service I provide the people. Reminding them of their own magic.

The Garden of Peace


The Butterfly Queen

Return to the Sanctuary


He takes me to the home of an ally of his, someone who he feels might be able to provide me with a place to stay as I truck my way across the Mythica. It is a good feeling, to stand next to my kin-brother. To feel supported and connected, deep in the resonance of fellowship I have longed for through the trials on the Quest.


Characters Appearing in this Episode

Niekko Chin

Call to Action - SIGN UP FOR THE MYTHICA  

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