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Academy Fundamentals - The Great Story

great story

Your Story is a beautiful thing.  A magical journey along your timeline through the landscape of your personal legend.  It is wonderful and sacred.

Yet, no Story stands alone.  All tales are interconnected, each of us part and parcel of each others stories.  In this context, we discover the Great Story, the tapestry of our many threads and our shared journey to a new world.

In the context of Mythica publishing, the Great Story is the Big Picture, the interweave of the many timelines of Characters across the threads of the World Tree.

When one is able to see the bigger picture of how all our stories are connected through the strings of synchronicity, we gain a glimpse into the Great Story, the weave of the many characters that Divinity plays as us in our shared Awakening.

There is a Great Story.  A tapestry made from the threads of our lives and legends that stretches across the Universe itself.  A grand and great unfoldment that underlies the synchronicities and circumstance of our lives.  Where each and every one of us plays a crucial role without which the story itself could not take place. 

It is the tale of our Awakening, a word of opening spoken in chorus, where agents and guardians of the emergent paradigm work to transform our world for the brighter.  It is the sound of our effort, our many trials and triumphs, the ways in which we touch each other’s lives across the fabric of the akasha.  It is the Big Picture, the grand weaving of the skein of space and time, revealing our shared journey.  Our shared Awakening to a brighter world.  Such is the tale of our collective realization, the movement from separation to unity that defines the journey Home.

There is a special kind of divination in seeing the Great Story.  A thing that happens, for when we see things from a new reality, we live in that reality.  We become more of the mythical version of ourselves.  More aligned and more attuned to our place and purpose within that unfolding.

One of the most unique aspects of Mythica publishing is that she is a Collective Story.  A narrative of multiple viewpoints on the larger interweaving of our tales which reveals the underlying Goodness of the Creator and the structure of the World Tree.
We have more in common than we do in difference.  In the underlands of vibrational impressions there are patterns that are more constant than the shifting ripples of what things appear to be on the surface.  Threads and lineages of magick and wonder which play out through the characters and their storylines on the surface plane.
An example of this would be the rise of the Magdalene, the shared mythos of the Grail Queens and Kings, that of the White and Red Roses of Faerie, the various Cities of Light and other impressions within the underlands.  These are not idle myths, but the underlying substance of our definition of self and it’s heart’s desire.  From the perspective of the akasha, our selves, these characters on the World Tree of the current Age, are the expression of those lineages.  We are the vessels for something much larger.
In the case of many of the characters in the Mythica, this is the expression of the realms of Avalon, of magick and of sacred living.  It is through recognizing these connections and our shared purposing that we see our part in the Great Story.

There is a Great Story. A collective tale that is shared by all. A tapestry of events and synchronicities that lay behind the scenes of all our individual adventures. It is the tale of our shared Awakening, our shared journey to return to the garden of a heaven on Earth.

Peter Fae. Author

As Authors in the Mythica, we act as sacred witnesses to that tale, tracking our own timelines across the landscape of legend that lay beneath the surface of all stories. We show the mapworks of our myth.

At the core of the Mythica is the understanding that there is no separation.  That we are all Characters in the Great Story of humanities unfoldment.

Yeshua Lucis, Author

As the Authors describe their timelines, we take special care to notice the nodes of synchronicity, the places where we intersect with other Characters, each of us pulsing with our own seed within, the sacred Gift we are learning to reveal.

In some cultures, this starscape of connections is referred to as the Akasha, the map of our synchronicities and what it says about the subtle gravities that define our lives.

All stories happen somewhere. On the Earth plane, the Great Story of our Awakening happens on the Earth. On what we refer to as Gaia.

Beneath the lives of the characters we play in the Great Story lay a pattern. An indric net of synchronicities where we meet the other characters in our shared World. Where the roots and branches of our intertwined adventures can be seen. This is the World Tree.

As Author-Adventurers in the Mythica, we are modeling a more evolved perception of reality.  One that witnesses the processes that define our individual selves as well as the larger, more collective reality in which we live.  In this way, we use our mythopoetic narrative to show that there is no separation, that all of our stories are linked, and we are all of value in the great unfoldment and awakening of humanity.
Such is our sacred Story, the play of the impressions of the akasha and the divination of the benevolent evolution that lay behind them, witnessed into narrative.  As Authors and yogis of the akasha, our job is to see this much larger picture, and through that divination told in mythopoetic narrative, communicate that to the people of the Commonwealth.  To show the threads of the akasha and the World Tree through our narrative.

The Great Story is Woven from the Threads of our Lives

The Great Story is woven of the threads of our lives

As part of the web of life that connects all things, the Great Story happens here, between each and every one of us, each playing our role in that grand unfoldment.

Through witnessing the Great Story, seeing the myth and meaning beneath our synchronicities, we open a collective window into that which is already there – the mystical version of our reality waiting to be anchored into remembrance.

The unique nature of Mythica publishing is that we are showing multiple viewpoints on the same larger unfoldment, using those narratives to illuminate and teach the principles of the real magickal World and passage along the rainbow bridge to a brighter and more redeemed reality.
As Author-Adventurers, we publish our Stories on the main site, then linking those tales into each other (either directly or through automatic linking built into the ITM platform herself) in a way that references both our personal myth and that of our collective unfoldment of mythlines and shared embodiments.
Singularly, our Stories are magical.  Together, they Open a whole new World.  As we scribe the witnessing of our timeline in the Mythica, we are including within that narrative the shared interactions and common dialogue and storypoints, such to create a narrative ecosystem with which to plant the seeds of new consciousness.