Demystifying Magic(k)

In order to open a portal to the mystical octaves of the creation, we need to demystify how we interpret the word “magic”. Either regular or with a ‘k’, spelled “magickal” to imply a departure from what most people call ‘magic’, which is stage performance, a skill of illusion and misdirection actually called prestidigitation. It is a fabulous art requiring a vast amount of focus and mechanical skill to produce effects on stage, what some would call “illusions”.

In comparison, when many beings reference to magick-with-a-‘k’, they are referring to the various techniques of divination and manifestation one employs to change one’s life conditions through subtle means. In this context, when one speaks of “magick”, they are looking into another type of mechanical skill. One that cultivates a grasp on the underlying textures and colors of the ego itself, working to transform the shape of that ego from one thing to another, changing the structure of their entire reality from the root.

For the record magic-without-a-k falls into this category as well, because the art of transforming oneself into what it takes to wield one’s talents with the precision required for performance is an act of magick itself. A transformation of the shape of the ego into something new.

It is this transformation, this change in the inner self which produces a change in the outer world, that is the essence of the arts of manifestation. It is the mechanical understanding of what gives rise to our entire reality and the ability to work with that. To work with the various layers of the self.

From a yogic perspective, the occult sciences (magic, with or without a ‘k’) are all structural. They are a thing of beautiful architecture and the ways in which we dance within that architecture. Across all traditions and cultures, they are the art of perception and manipulation of consciousness itself.

Of course in this context, everyone does magic(k) all the time. They are constantly emanating the same vibrational pattern into the field, repeating the same thoughts, the same emotions on a gradual spiral of liberation. In the essence of manifestation, they are speaking their reality into existence on a daily basis. They just don’t know it.

Yet not knowing something is not the same as not HAVING something. Whether we perceive the subtlety of our thoughts and emotions and their effect on our outer manifestation, the capability exists within us all. At our core, we are mystical beings, for mysticism is simply the deeper perception of who we are.

The key to understanding this is looking at consciousness with a certain level of discernment. It lay in learning to divine the nature of the vibrations which make up our experience and how to achieve the state of being that transforms them into something new. It is the art and science of both divination and manifestation, the act of perceiving something a certain way, interpreting it a certain way, and acting from the place that follows.

Magic is a structural skill of manipulating the substance of consciousness. Of changing the shape of the ethers that make up one’s reality which is to say it is the art of working with karma. Of creating and dissolving the structures which give rise to our karmic conditions. It’s the essence of change-through-subtle-means.

Seen in this structural way, we do magic all the time. Every act of decision, every act of conviction, of affirmation and repetition makes shapes in the ethers for we are always in the act of working with those shapes. Figuring out how to work with the subtle mechanics of manifestation.

The key to opening to the mystical world is simple. You have Realize that you’re already doing it. To see that the act of divination into one’s experience, discerning what you can and discovering something new is happening for everyone all the time.

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