Landscapes of Mind

Our movement through life is a mirror. A reflection of the subconscious impressions which exist within our innermost self. Such is the journey through the underlands, through the lands beneath the land that make up our selves and their stories. It is the journey through our self, through the layers and patterns of the self and the archetypes that make up our personal story. When we are able to see this, to see the landscape of our own legend, we may better navigate our course through those subconscious beliefs and come to see our life as the mythical story that it is, complete with the characters and consequences of any great tale.

For some, this takes the form of psychology, of diagnosing and investigating who we have imagined ourselves to be, identifying the characters that we feel have hurt us and whom we have hurt, and finding a way through the labyrinth of the mind. It is a process, one that looks at things from a certain level, looking into the patterns of personality that define our quest.

While this is a valid approach, it is just the surface of a much deeper thing – a much deeper story that unfolds beneath that surface, and as we dive into that deeper territory of the self our life begins to unfold in magical ways. Such is our entry into the Mythica, into the worlds within the world.

Yet what is that world? How do we categorize and conceptualize the worlds that lay within ourselves? How do we see the myth within our mind that wishes to express itself? The key to this lay in understanding the land. In understanding that there are layers to the land beneath our feet just as there are layers within ourselves. It lay in recognizing that when we move through our subconscious patterns we move through an actual subtle landscape, one that sits beneath the surface of the soil just as it sits beneath the surface of our mind. As we do this, we open ourselves to the possibility of seeing our life as a mythical story for we see the land upon which that story unfolds – seeing our subconscious patterns as actual landscapes of vibration through which our story moves, and in doing so, we change the framework of our life.

Key to this is seeing that the roots of our mind and the roots of the world are one and the same – that there is no separation between ourselves and the planet, and what we experience as our heroic journey happens on the very substance of the planet herself. Such is the crucial step, for as we do this we set the context for our story within that world, seeing ourselves as the character in a much larger universe than we have known.


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