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Understanding the Underlands

The Underlands, or “the lands beneath the land” are the territories of the Mythica – the subtle landscapes beneath the surface of the world.  They are what one navigates on their journey to a new reality, and what is divined along the way. They are the landscapes of vibration, forming the qualities of consciousness which give structure to our stories. They are the places within our subconscious that manifest as our personal realities seen as a landscape, the land beneath the surface of our path that defines our journey along the rainbow road.

Just as the surface world is dotted with cities, towns, countries and other principalities there exists a parallel in the subtle world beneath forming a landscape of interwoven worlds which exist at certain moments in time and space. In the context of those subtle lands, these worlds within the world are known as realms.

The upper triad of the landscapes of legend consists of the Terrasphere, the Mythosphere and the Mnemosphere, and corresponds to how we see things on the surface of the world (the Terrasphere), how we experience them in the subtle (Mythosphere) and in the ancestral (Mnemosphere). In the image above the Mythosphere and the Mnemosphere are combined into a single image, representing their interwoven nature as the landscape of our stories.

What things appear as on the surface of the world is always an expression of the underlands, of the subtle topography of our vibrational world. While there is parallel, the nature of the underlands goes beyond the perception of what things appear to be into what they are made of, to the deeper substance of our stories.

On your path this plays out as the “world within”, the relationship we have with the karmic impressions which make up our self and it’s story, with the subconscious and unconscious patterns within our experience of life.



Realms are the territories of the underlands. The analogue to the locations on the surface of the world that exist in the landscapes of our karmas as they occur on the planet. They are the groupings of vibrational colors which paint the synchronicities of our lives. They are the memories of ancient and future lives still echoing through our collective consciousness …. and which manifest as the very real and anchored realities of one’s path.

At it’s core, the journey into the Mythica is a movement through the realms, through the scenes of synchronicity which arrive along one’s timeline of life.

Realms exist in both the surface land and the underlands. They are the midpoint, the place where something manifests both in one’s inner reality and in the outer world.