Realms are the territories of the Underlands.  They are the places both within and without which create the specific landscapes of our story, the vibrational impressions which make up our unique adventure through life. They are the lands of the path upon which we live the mythos of our life.

Realms are the core of the Mythica.  They are the of the subtle world which exists within and without the self.  They are the deeper map to the World.

As we along the of our life across the planet, we move through the realms, along the string of synchronicities which define our inner and outer experience.  Yet while it is beautiful to travel outwardly on one’s journey, it is not necessary.  At their core, realms are both the inner and outer landscapes of the world, and are accessible to all in one way or another..  It depends on who we are being.  You could walk for a lifetime, and stay within the same realms. Or you could sit perfectly still, and move through them all.

Realms are the landscape of our karmas.  The reality we live within.

They are both internal and external. One can be in realms of peacefulness and harmony while all around them is chaos and uncertainty. Likewise, one can be in total disarray within a peaceful circumstance.

Realms are also external. One can be in a realm of lavish fortune and flushness of vitality, loved and appreciated, or one can live in scarcity, aching for love and tenderness. The possibilities are infinite, for the realms are the geography of the Akasha – the stage on which our stories unfold.

Realms are a state of being defined as a location

As part of the underlands, realms are made of qualities of consciousness which manifest as our personal and collective realities. They are the chromatic undercurrent of our thoughts and experiences, the territories of our path as it moves across the timeline of our story.

We are always moving through realms. Always moving through the electromagnetic colors of our own substance of self. They are the palette of the worlds, the patterns which form the landscape of our stories.

Realms are intrinsically related to the idea of archetypes, to the patterns of identity and transformation which exist in the akasphere of consciousness and which manifest as our paths and personal realities. They are the qualities of story and of element which define our journey, a landscape of archetypes upon which our story unfolds.

What makes up the realms

Elemental Lands
Archetypes of Consciousness
Chroma of the self

Realms are the chroma of our chakras and the qualities of consciousness they embody seen as a landscape, a movement which occurs across the length and breadth of our soul’s journey through life. They are the manifestation of the axis mundi, the tree of life that supports our story.

Within the framework of the Tree of the World, realms are the impressions of one’s mythos as it unfolds across one’s story. They are the landscapes within and without created from the chromatic substance of one’s electromagnetic signature. Our story is defined by it’s movement through the realms, through states of being defined as a location.

As we make our way through life, we move through a subtle landscape.  A territory made of our own inner topography.  A landscape of archetypes which correspond to the condition of our subtle body.

There are many realms.

We are always moving through realms, through the manifest qualities of consciousness that make up the patterns in our lives. As we move along our timeline, these qualities, the specific territories of the underlands which we move through form the vibrational foundation for our adventure. They are the manifestation of the archetypes of Life itself, of the Aka which make up our selves and their stories.

Like all aspects of the Path & the Land the realms of the underlands are made from the primal elements.


Realms are the landscapes of the subtle world.  They are the landscape of the many realities that exist within the sky of the Akasha and the earth of the World Tree.  As we make our journey along the Tree of Life, we move through many different realms.

As we make our way through life, we move through a subtle landscape.  A territory made of our own inner topography.  A landscape of archetypes which correspond to the condition of our subtle body.

On the landscape of my story the realms I moved through were consistent with the mythos of a paladin on quest through the vibrational territories of faerie, of the arthurian quest, across both a personal and a collective landscape of characters, all of which formed a consistent world. As part of my devotion to witness the wonder, this was a vibrational truth that revealed itself over time.

Here was both the surface landscape of mountains, of forests and valleys, of travel across the surface of the world simultaneous with the movement across the landscape of my story, filled with the people, places and events which defined my quest across the Creation.

Yet while this mythopoetic embodiment was the affirmation of the quest itself, I sensed a deeper layer to the landscape. One that went beyond the interpretation of the elements of our lives through the mythos of our stories. There was a sense of distillation, of seeing the things which made up things.

This means that we quite literally live in an outward manifestation of our inner world, of the specific tones and hues of vibration which make up the landscape fo our personal legend.

In a very real way, we live in an infinite variety of realms, different states of being which exist at different moments in space and time, arriving in actual places and circumstances along the synchronicities of our timeline of adventure.

The Realms of the Creation are vast.  They are the territories of the multiverse itself, the elemental energies of the world and our manner of interpretation forming the landscape of our Path.  They are the fields of the mind, the infinite wash of our manifest realities made real.  They are the territories of the underlands, the places which form the landscape of our story.

From the Quest – Principles in Action

For me the expression of the principle of Mythos in expression was and continues to be the embodiment of my story, the ‘Myth of Peter Fae’. Such is the underlying constellation of my character and it’s conditions, my journey into the Mythica and the many avatars of the emergence I have encountered along the way. It is the myth of the journey into the realms of Avalon and Faerie, across the Norse and Celtic roadways and along the rainbow bridge. Such has been the shape of my story, of my mythos, playing the role of Peter Fae in the fields of form.

For me, the mythos of my life involved my movement from New York city in 2002 to the islands of Hawai’i and from there to study the magic at the academy in Lake Tahoe. From there the quest led me to Mt. Elphinstone and into the territories of Cascadia, to my association with the Mythmaker and the realms of Faerieworlds, all part of a larger pattern in the stars and the soil of existence, a constellation of karmas forming a greater thing like notes in a celestial chord.

While this was happening, I was moving through a series of qualities of consciousness, of archetypical energies that played out along the scenes and synchronicities of my story. Over time, I came to see that there was a correlation between the patterns, between where I arrived on the surface of the world and where I moved through that archetypical landscape of qualities, and how those things together formed the maps of my myth and the landscape of my legend.

Seen at a deeper level, this movement through the realms of the Celtic and Norse mythologies was also a movement through the qualities of consciousness that made up my karmic load, the patterns which were my portion of the distortion to clear along the way. Seen on an energetic level, this was the movement through the hues and chroma of my chakras, the rainbow within manifesting as my story without.


This is always going on.  We are always moving through the layers of the land.  Always moving through the impressions which make up our current story.  What we experience on the surface of our story is just that, the surface.  Yet beneath this lay another landscape.  One of subtle impressions, of archetypes adn energies which make up our stories.

For example, Egypt is a place on the map of the surface world. Yet one need not be born into Egypt to possess the karmic impressions which are made of that place. While Egypt is without a doubt a location on the surface of the world, the vibrational essence of Egypt, the mythos of her substance in the Stars and the Soil, has far greater borders, moving beyond the monocarnate perspective of life to it’s more expansive dimensions.

As an example from my Quest I have often traveled through the realms of the Celtic and Norse mythologies, where my Path and it’s Land have led me to places flush with the very living embodiment of those things, full of people, places and events which defined that world within the many worlds of the Tree of Life. Such was the gravity of my character, of being ‘Peter Fae’ in the Great Story. For someone else, it might not be so. There story may be filled with the impressions of an infinite variety of other worlds, karmic impressions which define the structure of their self and it’s story. In this way, our movement through the realms is deeply individual, for we only meet those on the Path with whom we share a common color.

People live in many different realms along the course of their timeline, yet there are certain constants, certain patterns in the structure of our story which repeat along the way.