The Elphinstone Coat

In World of the Mythica by Peter Fae2 Comments

Of the many magickal items that I have gathered on the Journey Home, it is the Elphinstone Coat that I most often share with the people.  This grand craftsmanship of elvish shaping, wrought by the hands of a Master Shaper, with resonant
stones and harmonics to compliment my inherent energies, is one of the most unique items I have ever encounter on the Quest.

Many times have I been able to show the Coat to travelers, to see them recognize the craftsmanship and the manner of her design, the signatures inherent in the arrangement and wielding of the stones, the harmonies and grounding.  It has become a practice to let some beings wear her, that they may feel the magick moving through them. The subtle vibrational embrace created in the resonant field.

Earth magick, like all forms of creation, is vibrational.  Flush with the energies of the creator and their particular depth of resonance with the qualities they are seeking to bring to the piece.  Such is the essence of all objects recognized in their inherent magick, they embody the vibrational imprints of their casting.

Such was the value, more than the stones themselves, the essence of the shaper, Copper Chris, and what his avatar embodied within the grand pantheon of the Incarnate.