The Golden Thread

In Akasha Yoga by Yeshua Lucis

At the core of our timeline, there is a golden thread. A sacred truth to our story that wishes to be revealed through the events of our life. In Akasha Yoga, we practice observing this subtle thread, tracing it through the synchronicity of our life, paying close attention to the vibrational patterns of the Akasha that manifest throughout our lives.

We come to see we have a sacred purpose, that there is a way of attuning to our Truest Self. A way of witnessing our golden thread, weaving and wielding the elements of truth beneath our story. We touch upon a thrumming tone, a core timeline that underlay our incarnation, made of the substance of pattern and destiny that defines our sacred journey of becoming.

It is the exaltation of divination. A discernment of the vibrations that make up the structure of our sacred self and its progression across the Akasha of time and space. This is where we come to see that the many surface forms and interpretations of our path relate to an underlying elementalism, a land of legend and energy that plays as the circumstances of our life.

And there is a specific purpose to that structure, a song that wishes to be sung through the oak and marrow of our being. Across the golden thread of the Akasha, we see a melody of moments, a medley of meaning that forms our very timeline of Awakening. That this thread is part of a much larger weave, in which we each hold the golden tone to the grand orchestration. Each and everyone one of our paths connected as the expression of divinity manifest through our unfoldment.

This is a matter of revelation, of the gradual unveiling of the very meaning of our life. In which we deepen to alignment with that which we were made for. We touch the golden thread, seeing its shimmering strand unraveling the mystery of our destiny, stepping deeper into the Mythica across our timeline through the Akasha.

About the Author

Yeshua Lucis

Yeshua is an Author of the Mythica, sharing his adventure of synchronicity and Awakening. He offers his story, arts, sessions and courses on his personal site.

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