The Subtle Earth – Understanding your Path

There is a world beneath the world. A subtle earth which exists both within and without where all our stories and mythologies exist. It is the place of stories, of inspirations and aspirations that exists both within our subconscious and on the actual substance of the planet, and is the landscape of our personal and heroic journeys from one experience of reality to another.

Yet while this layer of the planet exists for us all, very few understand it’s true context and it’s significance in their sacred path and purpose. Such is the mystery of the worlds within the world, the landscape of legends that lay just beneath the surface of our stories. When we understand this, we gain an all-important insight into the nature of our story, coming to see the relationship between the subtle patterns which exist within the layers of our own consciousness and the people, places and events that we discover on the planet. Such is a deep dive into the causal nature of our synchronicities, the why of how our personal frequency relates to the places we arrive in our manifest world.

Many of us have heard the idea that our inner vibration manifests our outer circumstance, that we live in the hologram of our own consciousness, and that by changing the substance of that consciousness within we change the manifest world we live in without. Yet while this is an ever-growing understanding amongst the people, what is often overlooked is that whatever our consciousness is it is arriving at specific points on the planet, at certain locations which have spiritual and mystical significance and which relate to the unfoldment of our path.

Consider this idea – Very often in the spiritual community we hear talk about trauma and it’s resolution. We speak to the idea of subconscious patterns, of ancestral and collective impressions which must be transformed in order to achieve the life we desire. As we do this, moving through these patterns in our lives, we move along the landscape of our experience, meeting other individuals who play certain roles in our lives that are intimately related to the pattern we are moving through in our inner world. Such is the subtle layer of our landscape of experience, one that happens on the energetic layer of our self and the planet. As we come to see this, we gain empowerment in seeing the story of our life, recognizing that we are on a sacred journey to transform both ourselves and the planet on which we are a part.

Key to this is understanding that there is no separation between ourselves and the planet. It is realizing that the subconscious landscape of patterns and impressions which define our journey through life is happening on the planet herself, and that our movement through the surface of that planet occurs equally in a landscape of subtle patterns within the planet that parallel our movement through the subconscious. In this way our personal heroic journey discovers a heroic landscape, one of archetypes and energies that are intimately related to who we consider ourselves to be and our journey to a new reality. Here, we discover the subtle layer of the land that exists specifically for us, revealing the nature of our personal process and how that manifests itself through our story.


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