Divination – The Art of Questions and Answers

The act of divination is at the core of every quest. Of every adventurer’s journey into the Mythica. It is the most basic aspect of our experience, our point-of-view on the infinite vastness that is the Universe. When we understand the simplicity, that we are always divining our path,

There are many styles of divination. Many ways in which people use the skill of divination. Yet beneath all of these shifting forms is the same basic principle – one is in the action of inquiry, of divining into the substance of the Creation. Into the ethers that make up all things in the space of the Akasha. This is divination seen in a primal way, beneath the many impermanences of tradition and culture. It’s the art of perception and reception seen as a verb.

The key to understanding divination is seeing that you’re already doing it. Everyone divines their life all the time. At the most basic level, divination is the action of interpretation itself. It’s the peering long into the vibrational essence that lay beneath the surface of our experience. A process by which we gaze into the subtle world.

We’re always divining something. Feeling into what is right for us. Examining the options. Gaining information from the most credible sources we can (hopefully) before taking action. At it’s core, it’s the basic concept of inquiry itself.

In the mystic arts, divination is cultivated. There is an art of refining one’s perception of the subtle undercurrents of the world. A process that develops where one hones their gaze of divination into discernment of those underlying vibrations.

This can happen through many forms. Some use tarot cards, some use astrology or human design. Some use crystal balls. Some people throw bones, listening for what they reveal (this actually happened for me on the Quest). Other times, people simply “listen to their intuition”. They listen to their gut, to their reason, to the signs and synchronicities that arrive on their path. At their core, all these things are divinations. Ways-of-communicating-with-the-universe. What they look like on the surface is subjective, what they DO is constant. They are our means of discovering the language of our life. At becoming intimate with the signs and symbols that arrive for us in accordance with our personal gravity.

When I studied divination at the Academy, I became very interested in the accuracy of one’s perception. Into what one was actually divining into, and what the relationship of that divination was in regards to one’s path. I was deeply interested in understanding how I could use divination to track my way across the realms, to make my way to a brighter world, leaving breadcrumbs of light for others to follow. I had seen that what we divined when we looked into our path was part of something larger, a grand pattern of story that connected us all.

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