Maps of your Myth

The maps of your myth are the archetypical landscape of realms you move through in the underlands of your story. They are the aka which manifest along the timeline of your adventure – your specific part of the lands beneath the land that supports us all. They are the maps of the Mythica, the land within the land.

And this is all about seeing the layers of your story. About seeing the movement of your timeline on it’s journey through space. It’s about looking at your path and it’s land as one layer of many, all of which form a part of the greater ecology of our collective world.

There is map between your subconscious and were you arrive on the world. An archetypical landscape of stories that exist on the geometries of your path. Such the maps of your myth and the landscapes of our legend. It is the place of your story, the landscapes of the Mythica that exist in both a singular and collective way.

Yet the secret of the Mythica is that these vibrational landscapes actually occur for us in the circumstances of our lives. That they are actually happening for us, in the real world, all the time, lying beneath the surface of our story.

At the core of this is realizing that there is a surface and subtle layer to existence.

The Lands beneath the Land

In the cosmology of the underlands our path appears differently depending on where we look at it from. While on the surface of our story it appears as the various conditions happening along our timeline, what it is beneath is a landscape of narrative geometries, archetypical landscapes which are more constant than what things appear to be on the surface. Such is the framework of the lattice that holds our stories together, the material plane perceived as a great and interwoven World Tree.

As primal elements of story, the landscapes of our legend are made up of aka, the smallest units of meaning. They are the geometries which form the spine of our mythos and it’s journey of awakening across it’s tale and telling.

In the mythosphere and the mnemosphere, the impressions which make up our character play out as their unique elemental adventure.

They are the archetypical landscapes of our story, our movement through the ethers of consciousness seen as a landscape of living myth, and are made of aka which manifest through the World Tree.

At the second layer of our story lay the mythosphere and the mnemosphere, which are roughly equivalent to our subconscious, and below that the akasphere, the place where the geometries we experience on the less permanent layers of the land distill into their archetypical shapes.

Yet this can be seen many ways. What we view as the landscapes of story in the

On the deeper layer of the Aethersphere, these forms dissolve even further as the gravity of self-identity itself dissolves into it’s prime elements.