The Aeon Tree

Over the course of the journey into the Mythica I have encountered many ways of interpreting the elemental energies of life. Such is the infinite vastness of diversity within the Creation, the many ways in which individuals and their cultures organize their idea of the world, and as a traveler between those many realms of consciousness I have seen them in multiplicity, a cascade of languages and sounds which all essentially describe the same thing.

For me, it is a look into the order of the universe, into the fundamental patterns of Life and how we interpret them through our myths and meanings, into what I have come to recognize as the Tree of Life, the pattern beneath the patterns of our selves and their stories.

This is not a new concept, but rather a pattern that has resurfaced time and time again across a multitude of faiths and technologies of perception, where the sense of the structure of what it means to have a self, to be an aspect of Divinity-being-human has been recognized as that of a tree. In particular, such is the basis for the qabbalistic model of mystical reality, defining the progression of human consciousness in a structure of nodes known as sephiroth which are considered in the shape of a geometric tree which links together the points of form and formlessness as the top and bottom of that tree. Such has been the model, the way of conceiving reality and self that has helped many organize the progression of their path.

Yet the implications of this are vast, for nothing stays the same – all things evolve, changing with the tides of time and telling, becoming the shape that is most appropriate for the world in which they exist. For me, this sacred transition is the movement from the previous paradigm’s idea of the Tree of Life in the classical form to something more integrated with the very nature of the planet, with our truer and deeper essence as cells within the spiraling timelines of Gaia, herself. Seen from such a holism, the interpretation of the Tree of Life as a bolt through the spheres of the sephiroth feels emblematic of a certain Age of consciousness, a way of perceiving self and substance that must invariably become it’s own successor.

To this end I envision a new definition of the Tree of Life, one which incorporates the substance of our journey along the very “outward” territories of the planet alongside our “inner” world of movement through various states of being, where the idea of a realm of existence is not simply a place within one’s inner tableau of perception and sensation but also a literal realm of manifest reality that one can travel to along their path. Here the classic idea of the qabbalistic sephiroth moves from a linear visualization of divine lightning moving downward from heaven to earth into a more circular interpretation, integrating the inner and outer journeys with the substance of the planet herself.

It is an understanding rooted in our very DNA, in the recognition that there has never been a separation between the bodies that we incarnate into during our time in the mortal condition and the planet herself. Here the idea of our personal transformation and that of the ways in which we conceptualize the primal forces of our Nature are recognized as fluid mirrors, changing and evolving through the cycles of Life herself. In this context, the very way in which we view our selves and the structures of the universe invariably change, defined by their own evolutionary path on the progression of consciousness.

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