The Strings beneath our Stories

To get a sense of the Great Story, it’s helpful to start with our own timeline. To envision our life, the sequence of events that has defined our current journey, as a thread. A timeline moving through a vast canvas of space. From this vantage, we can look at our self on it’s adventure, moving along a landscape of vibrations just like a character in a book seen from above. We can see our progression, our movement through the circumstances of our life like an Author, seeing the arc of our movement and evolution of our self, our Character in that Great Story, moving along the landscape of it’s legend.

Now, expand on that. Move your mindseye further outwards, witnessing the string of your story from an even greater distance. See that the thread of your life is just one of an infinite number of threads moving through that same space. Realize that each and every person you have ever met or will ever meet is on their OWN timeline, their own threadline through the vastness of existence.

Take this a step further. Feel into the idea that your story would not exist the way it does without that person. Without the events, however great or small, that happened between you. That, in a very real way, your very EXISTENCE is intrinsically linked.

If you look closely, you can see that there are points where those timelines meet. A web of synchronicities which holds a pattern. A pattern which can only be seen when one moves beyond the focus only on their self. Here, we see that our thread of life is part of a much larger weaving, a tapestry of trials and tragedy, of virtue and victory which stretches out across the canvas of time and space. A Great Story.

We are all Connected

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