The Substance of Magic

As an artist working with the medium of magic, I’m deeply about the divination and discernment into the primal hues, the vibrational sounds of color and chorus which make up the underpainting of the Creation. For me, the art is all about the medium herself, which occurs for me as a sculptural movement of those tones within experience, a wave of iridescence within a much larger ocean of reality.

It’s the primal substance for me. What I once called the ‘prima materia’, the prime material that I sensed was beneath the manifestations of the material plane. It’s what-everything-is-made-of. The clay of creation. Magic for me is the working with this medium, the ability to grasp and dance with that subtle substance and see it’s effect upon one’s world. She’s the Art beneath the art.

As for why I see this, it’s related to the substance the medium herself, or itself if you prefer. It’s really all about the relationship. See, when I say that this medium is what makes up everything, I mean EVERYTHING-everything. Everything that exists within the canvas of the creation itself. The universe-viewed-as-palette, and our selves and their stories as brushstrokes of color and sound across that canvas. Repeated codas of epic significance and transience across the primal clay of which everything is made.

There’s a name for that clay. In the context of my world, it’s called ‘Ether’. The substance of Mind itself. As in, the substance of GOD’s mind, and all the manifest worlds within that infinite horizon. It’s what we’re made of. All of us. All our dreams, all our songs, all our bondage and liberation. All made of that subtle substance, the medium of mind that is the ether.

All magic is about working with the ethers. For me, understanding WHY this is true is at the core of any effective understanding of the Universe. It’s the recognition of something which goes beyond subtlety into the sublime territories of causality itself. A witnessing of the nature of the ways in which the ether manifests as all things – notably the patterns of ether which manifest as the many worlds of the incarnate plane.

So we’re clear – i’m talking about our realities. Individual and collective, seen as expressions of a primal clay. A clay that we’re working with when we talk about the Art & Science of magic. At least as she expresses for me.

This is why I say the. “Art beneath the art”, because all the various forms in the Creation, the breadth of writings, paintings, music and innovation across all mediums are all fundamentally made of this same substance, the ocean of ether that paints our worlds into being.

It’s big. To work with the magic is for me the subtlest and most influential of the mediums, it’s playing with the chords of the world herself, with the very shape of the ethers that makes up one’s personal reality. To understand this thing, to have a proper line in one’s brush stroke, to understand the vertices and angles of how things relate in that space and the coda of it’s chorus is for me the finest of arts.

Even better, it’s the most effective way of moving through life, that is, if you can work with the medium properly.

Not an easy task, for we are made of ethers. To work with the medium of the ethers is to work with the very architecture of one’s self. It is learning to understand the ways in which that substance manifests as our various layers of perception. As such it’s a dive into the essence of what makes us who we are. At the shape in the ethers that makes up our current incarnation. Our ego and it’s carousel of faces.

At it’s core the art of magic is for me about having comprehension, a VISCERAL comprehension of how this plays out in the process of being human. How the medium of mind itself works, for in this is architectural clarity of the art itself. For me, understanding the principles by which this medium functions is no different than understanding the principles of some of her many expressions, like understanding the palette of colors for a painting or having the precision of pitch and rhythm required for musical excellence.

What makes this particular poetic for me and my mission is that by this definition Everyone is Doing Magic All the Time.

We can’t help it. The very act of existence itself is a movement of the medium of the ethers. Of the clay of the Creation in it’s endless cycles of change. Everything we do is an act of magic.

Realizing that is the first step. It sets the tone for the conversation for the inquiry into the shape and sculpture of our lives.

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