“View from Above”

Akashic Library See the Story through the Soil from the perspective of the Stars

LOCATION – The Library of Legend

“Welcome” says Peter, “to the Skywise view of the Great Story, where we weave together the threads of our stories as they exist in the Earth below.  Here, i’ll be showing you portals to find your way through the tales of the Mythica from a higher vantage, looking at the patterns which exist in the Stars that manifest in the Soil of our lives.”

“Over the years, this documentation yielded a great fruit. I came to see the roots and branches of the World Tree, the weave of karmas and synchronicities which were the threads of our timelines across the skein.”

“Yet how to show that? How to reveal the nature of the path & land as i’d come to discover them? How to share the maps of the Mythica with the world?”

“For me the answer lay in photography.  In the witnessing of events as they happened along my timeline as a proof of the idea that I lived in the outer expression of my own inner vibrational substance.  It was a process of documentation, of discovering the nature of my own Mythos over time through the art of arriving.

“It had started with my photography.  The witnessing of the events along my timeline and their Kairos that had started to clarify my view of the worlds within the world.  Where the idea of viewpoints themselves became the foundation for understanding how we perceived and received the suffering and splendor within the Creation herself.”

“This viewpoint, for example, is from the Sky.” he says, pointing from the boughs and branches of the World Tree at the earth far below him as silvery, threaded energies moving from the cosmos towards the fertile ground below.  “Across my journey, I used the photos of the moments along my timeline to anchor this idea.”

“Souls” he says, reverently.  “Like the celestial sperm of life, finding their way from the heavens to create life with Gaia herself.”

His shape shifts before your eyes, becoming older, wiser.  A tattered robe hangs from his shoulders, yet he is strong as he raises his hand to the air, the fingers glowing with eldritch light.

“The spirals of our lives are larger than we know.” he says.  “What we experience as our singular lifetime is part of a much larger celestial spiral, one that moves through the very essence of who we consider ourselves to be.”

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