Reflections – Wisdom of the North

There is one presence I hold above all the incarnate beings I have encountered on my travels.  One soul that shines above all.  My brother.  My friend.  My teacher, North the Wolf.  Without whom I would not have made my way through the dark forests of the Shadowlands.  Who taught me the nature of Nature, helping me to ground out into the Incarnate plane.
The Story of North’s arrival is one of my favorite tales of the Journey Home.  It was during the 2006 episode “The North Star” that I wove the invocation that brought him into my life.
At the time, deep in the spell craft of the Academy, we were resonating with the totemic significance of the Wolf as the Teacher.  Such was certainly the case with my four-legged brother.  In my ignorance of the human plane, it was North that taught me the nature of grounding, of the repetitive patterns of maintenance, who demanded that I step into right-relationship with him as the leader of the pack.
At the Academy, we studied a mixture of Faerie and Lakota traditions, in which the prime elements that make up the material plane were aligned with the directions.  East for the Air, South for the Fire, West for the Water and North for the Earth.  As I had divined the Name for my sacred companion, ‘North’ arrived in my mindseye, a fitting moniker for this graceful embodiment of the nature of the Earth plane.
The blessings that came to me in companionship with this noble being are truly endless, the depth of which can barely be communicated in this missive.  North’s very presence his stalwart companionship and integral Nature was an anchor for me, his endless loyalty and enduring Love a balm to the wounds of Family that had so long burdened my Heart.  With him, I was never truly alone.  I cannot count the nights that my longing for company was eased by the soft warmth of his fur, the nuzzle of his nose and the easy telepathy that we shared in our intimate fraternity.
When North first graced my Path, I was deep in realms of the Mythica far removed from the material plane.  I had not developed relationship with that element of the Creation, and needed a guide.  One that, in accordance with the Rules of the Road, who embody the vibrational Qualities I needed to find balance with.  North would be this thing for me, the living embodiment of the Quality of consciousness I so desperately needed.
From his teachings, I have learned the nature of being responsible for my pack.  He has shown me how to be in right-leadership, such that Trust exists between beings in right-relationship.  He has shown me Love, when, deep in the Shadowlands, I questioned it’s very existence.  Loyalty, when I could not be loyal to myself.  The lessons are endless.  Through him I learned to walk in the realms of Earth.

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