How to Open Sacred Space


The process of opening ourselves up to the magic is fundamentally one of shifting, of moving from one dimension of our consciousness to another. It is a spatial movement which shifts the location from which we are viewing the Creation, granting us access to a viewpoint which has access to it’s deeper self. Because we are not generally seeing things from that position in space, the act of opening sacred space becomes necessary, it is the willful movement into the position where we can see a new vista of our selves and the landscape of our life.


In practice, the shifting into sacred space is a primal thing, something more constant than the shifting territories of culture and tradition. At it’s core it is the simplicity of purposefully changing one’s point of view and the alchemy of consciousness which happens along the way. Here the act of opening sacred space initiates our journey into the lands below the land, providing the entry point into our own changing horizon.

Artistically, opening sacred space is a way of prepping the canvas, of setting up one’s tools and palettes, of shifting into the frame of consciousness where we are focused on the materials we are working with.

The act of opening sacred space has different branding across the realms, yet while there are many ways in which the action of change expresses itself, it’s essence is always the same – the shifting from one mode to another within the self.


While the action of opening sacred space is always the same, it’s expression changes depending on the sculpture of our story, around the role we’re currently playing in the Great Story. For some the invocation of the qualities is done through aligning with an embodiment of them in the form of a Goddess or God. For others it is simply the recognition that all things are made from the elements, that we are engaging with them in the language of our legend, through the filter that is the most resonant for our current self.

At the core of this is the understanding that the outer shape of our invocation as it’s culture or tradition is less important than the feeling of the invocation, that what is does is more important than what it’s called.
Opening Sacred Space
Focusing your Attention

Focus your attention into your body. Feel the sensations moving through your form, that which lay beneath your thoughts. Breathe into your self, softening the repetitions in your mind, dropping in.

Resonate with the Elements

As best as you can, bring your attention to the five primal elements which make up all things, remembering that simply by bringing your sensory, visceral attention to them that you are learning their sensation, feeling into the different ways in which those primal elements exist wihtin your awareness. You are cultivating your awareness, for awareness is the conduit that holds form for the energies to move.

Invoke Each of the Elements

Invoke the elements through a conduit of ethos, of right-relationship with the Creation. Feeling the quality of those elements as it occurs the language of your magic, remembering that your awareness of the energies is the first step and the intent of invoking them in your life the second.

Begin your Working

Having prepped the space, work your art. Move through the process of creation, finding the line between divination and deliberation.

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