geometry of stories

There is a geometric relationship to the karmic patterns which make up our lives that underlies the specific people, places and events that occur along our path.  It exists as a part of the larger movement of the elemental energies of the planet, and heavily influences where we arrive in the world. Consider your life.  As you move along your timeline of adventure you encounter certain people at certain places and collectively engage in experiences.  As we move through the timeline of our life these people have a tendency to reappear, sometimes returning to our story after many years of distance.  Similarly, there are certian places, whether in our iner or outer experience of reality, that continue to repeat, gradually informing us to the idea that there is a deeper form beneath our experiences, a geometry of relationships over time and space which forms the skeletal framework of our story. Like all the aspects of our path this is sometimes that happens in a monocarnate and transcarnate way, and is part of the overall web of cause and effect that gives shape to our stories.

In essence, the skein of stories is another way of seeing the World Tree, of witnessing the movement of the roots and branches that create the synchronicity beneath our stories.

There are many ways to see this, yet the simplest understanding is that as we move along the roots and branches of our own axis mundi we simultaneously move through the Tree of the World. When we shift positions in the World Tree we move to a completely different reality, to another position in the lattice of synchronicity that holds our stories together.

Seen from the viewpoint of all life as intrinsically connected to the cycle of the elements and seasons of the planet, this web of cause and effect exists in both our individual body and that of the planet herself. In the cosmology of the Mythica, the web of interconnected threads of cause and effect that create our stories happens in the five layers of Gaia’s subtle body that parallel the five layers of the human body as our self is recognized as cell inside that larger organism.  Such is the context by which we come to see our individual path and it’s geometry of characters in a larger context, to see the mythos of our story and it’s gradual revelation over time.

The Labyrinth of Life

It is a beautiful place, yet it is also a labyrinth, a place of limited forms and angles, defined by the grip on identity itself.  In this way the karmic patterns which define our many mythologies are the walls of the labyrinth, that which we move through on our discovery of self.