time, space, and dimension

Mythipedia - Time, Space & Dimensions

What’s your position? The coordinates of spacetime

 In the context of the Akasha and it’s expression through the World Tree, these three components of spacetime form the basis for both one’s current locus point and the synchronicity upon one’s path with other aspects of the Self.  They are the vertices by which the coordinates of our current position may be expressed. Time, Space, and the Octaves of being are the fundamentals of the mortal condition.  The coordinates of our placement in the Creation and the measure, by which all mortal lives are defined and the   While our true essence, that of awareness having a human experience through it’s current Character remains unaffected by the ideas of Time and Space, that little self is DEFINED by the progression from birth to death.  Such forms the thread of it’s timeline within a singular lifetime as well as the deeper threadwork across the Akasha of that soul’s progression through many selves, many Characters, in the inevitable alchemy of it’s movement towards Realization.  Within the substance of the Akasha, our lives are given context through this firmament.


Time is the basis for the mortal condition.  Without it, there would be context for the unfoldment of events.  There would be no past, no present, no future.  Nothing.  Without Time and it’s sister aspects of Space and Dimension (also known as Depth of being), there would be no human experience.  No breathing, no cycles of life.  It is the framework through which experience unfolds.

This can be difficult for some to process, as many spiritual traditions have a tendency to speak of time as an ‘illusion’, and present that the only “true” moment is happening right now.  Yet when such things are asserted, we must ask the question – are we disregarding the existence of time (which is equal to disregarding Life itself) or are we speaking about a state of being in which we are feeling ‘timeless’ and unbound from the patterns which repeat within ourselves? 

In the context of the journey to a new reality, Time is not an illusion.  In fact, it is the most important thing in your existence, for it is what gives you the experience of progression.  It is the architecture through which events happen, and the basis for one’s timeline through experience, their thread in the web of life that links us all.

Time defines the movement of our self from birth to death.    Without time, there would be no music.  no rhythm, no progression, no melody.  It is time that gives us this precious gift, an integral part of the canvas upon which our Story, and the song of our soul, may be heard.


As a principle of the material plane, space means far more than one’s apparent physical location.  In it’s deeper revelation, this also refers to one’s ‘headspace’ or their ‘heartspace’, the relative locus points of their beingness from one moment to another, as well as all shamanic and yogic states of being.  It is literally being ‘in that space’. As we witness our pathlines through the Creation, we expand our definition of space to include these subtle realms, an understanding which gives rise to the recognition of our inner World, the underlands of our subtle self.


The third component of spacetime is the Octave, also known as the frequency of your vibration.  Dimensions can also be known as octaves, and are the way in which the various patterns (or ‘melodies’) of the human condition occur.  As a general progression of movement towards self-realization, being exist in different dimensions of their own being at different points in space and time.  When we are deeper in the embodied and clarified version of ourself, we are living at a higher dimension, or octave of existence.  When we exist in the muddier and more confused version, we are at a lower octave of frequency.  Such is the way in which the melody of our life, and it’s movement along the rainbow bridge of it’s own colors, may be seen.