Prophecy in the Desert

It was the summer of 2016 when I traveled once more to the City of Dreams with the Mythmaker, the mystical circus led by Hjeron O’Sidhe. Here, I met with many avatars of mirth and myth, all embodying a different quality in the endless deserts of the Mythica.

This was an epic moment for me on the Quest, where I felt the threads in the akasha coming into a deep harmony. All around, especially in the light of the bright city, I saw the embodiments of different worlds. Different realms upon the World Tree. And here, in this space, I arrived, sharing the magics of a rising Asgard.

Over time, I decided to go for a walkabout, taking my blessed harp into the dune sea. After some time, I ended up in a yurt, surrounded by fellow magicians, and channeled this poem. Such was part of the many adventures I had that year during the “Asgard Rising” episode of the Journey Home.

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