The Commonwealth


In the Mythica, the Commonwealth, also known as the ‘common wealth’ has many connotations.  The common wealth is the intention and the action of doing things for the good of all.  The “common” wealth.

In the context of the Journey Home and the Seed Within, the Commonwealth is the goal, the embodying of the redemption of value recognition and abundance that is the true round table of right-value.

from the deep realms of Faerie along the rainbow bridge to the less uncommon consciousness, crystallizing the spell of Mythica publishing so that it takes root in the mainstream World.

It is a concept deeply tied into that of the Round Table and holocratic, sacred commerce.

In the Underlands, the Commonweath references something else.  It refers to the redeemed version of wealth distribution and value recognition, literaly the ‘common’ wealth of a more sacred commerce.  It is the locus point, or realm of manifestation in which one is in right-relationship with abundance.

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