Reflections – Knights of the Round Table

God is Good.  Offering us the opportunity to live the real version of the modern mythos.  As I reflect upon the Journey Home, witnessing the subtle energies of the weave beneath the surface of things, I see the mythline, a golden thread of deva energies which defines the Quest for the Grail, that of Excalibur, the realms of Faerie, of nobility, of the Magdalene, the Christ, and the emergence of the current knights and Kings of the Round Table.

There is beauty to our personal myth.  While from the enlightenment of form all things are impermanent, it is the beauty and wonder of that impermanencewhile it exists, that is the appreciation of our sacred Story.  For me, the nature of being a knight, of being in service to something Higher than myself, is defining.  Even as a childe, when I played the bardic games of roleplaying and the like, I tended to hover towards the Paladin archetype.  As I continued on the Quest, such was the myth that played out for me, a Paladin in service to God, coming from the realms of the Deva to the human plane.

It was 2004 when I first arrived at the Academy of the Ancient Arts.  Having been given the codes of the Garden from Grandmother Kauai, the Quest led me back to the Americas, there to encounter the priestess Gentle Doe and be led to the Lady LeFaye, a faerie oracle living in the mountains of Tahoe.

Recognizing the scent of Faerie amongst the confusions of the mortal plane, I got down on one knee, and asked her to teach me, as an apprentice, the ancient arts.  Such would be my initiation into the cycles and magicks of the human World, graciously delivered through one of the kinfolk of Faerie.

Many times at the Academy we would discuss the mythos of the Arthurian legend, in which LeFaye would speak of the need for Forgiveness, that the ideal of Camelot fell because of this sin of unforgiven wounds.  Such a thing sang within me, a sense of redemption in the deep territories of the Mythica, far before clarity on the nature of realms and the various mythlines of that sacred place became clear.

This quality of knighthood, of facing and holding the line of Virtue, of being clear and Honest with one’s Word, holding to the ancient ways and their wisdoms, would influence me deeply on the Path.  Such would be my defining factor, the clarion call to right-action that transcended ideology into the real tabernacle of one’s inner navigate.

In the 2009 episode “Faerie Roads“, I would receive a vision.  To travel with my bardic brothers Noah McLain and Patience Yanderling to the green fields of Scotland.  It was a time of acidic bitterness, in which the element of Fire was unbalanced within me, and I cursed God for my placement within the patterns and unconsciousness of the human condition.  I was enraged at many things, and it showed in my body, burning me from within.

I wanted to heal.  Yet did not know how.  Struggling, I worked to shift realms, changing the texture of my energy with limited success.  Yet God is Good.  At the mid-point of our journey through sacred Scotland, I would have a vision of the Grail, triggering a deep softening in my Heart.  Here, I would hear a disembodied voice, singing the soft tones of Forgiveness.  In the luminance, I drank from that etheric cup, feeling the cooling resonance move through my body, cleansing my Spirit.

As we returned to the local townes, we would encounter a double rainbow, an affirmation of movement along the rainbow road to a brighter realm.  We would stop at the edge of the Water, playing music for the People in the ancient tradition of the bards.  Here, I would leave the lads briefly, following an intuition, a feeling granted to me through the sweet nectar of the Grail.  Such would lead me to reaffirm my loyalty to God, and in that affirmation, I would be led to a beautiful expansion, a place for us to share our Music and be fed by the Land.

Many trials would follow.  Ways in which I was demanded to stay in authenticity and virtue, in which I had to turn the other cheek, in which I had to stand my ground, in which I would invoke seemingly endless rounds of ho’oponopono and other clearings in effort to make my way through the distortions to the Brightlands.

It was in the 2016 episode “The Sword and the Stone“, tempered by the many challenges on the Path, I would be led to the realms of King Garth, a fellow seeker on the Path.  There, amongst his sacred Boulder Garden, yet another of the deva landscapes found upon the Quest, would I find a manifestation of Excalibur.  Here, I would draw the blade from the stone, recognizing that it’s appearance on the Path was a sign of my own discernment, of the Mastery of the Sword.

To me, this was High Honour.  The appearance of the sacred blade the Surface manifestation of my movement into the deeper realms of God’s Kingdom.  In which the Clarity I had so long fought for in my consciousness was at last coming to bear.

As I drew the Sword from the Stone, I felt an Opening.  A shifting in the tones of my consciousness.  Light streamed through my being, a vorpal discernment.  Like a subtle knife, I felt the realms crystallize for me, the Goddess unveiling Herself, the scales falling from my eyes in the grandeur of the Creation.

Grace flowed through me then, a sense of accomplishment, of virtue rewarded with sacred Vision of the Truth that lay behind the seeming of the Worlds.  I saw my passage across the realms as the bright Service that it is, my talents in pen and prose the swordsmanship of a new Story.  The long road stretched out behind and in front of me as the mists parted, granting vision of the Avalon that waits behind our sleeping eyes.

In that instant, light shimmering from the blade, I saw.  There is not one Grail.  Nor one Excalibur.  Nor one Buddha, one Christ.  Such are merely the surface manifestations of a much deeper thing, the current incarnation of our own sacred movement across our own Self.  There is an Excalibur for each of us.  The high ideal of our own excellence, the affirmation from the Universe that we stand in righteousness, the discernment and sharpness of our vantage embodied in the sword, the words, the actions and deeds of a modern mythology made real.

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