The Mists of Avalon

It was Jesse Wynden that would end up encountering again and again, the graciousness of his clan offering myself, North and Joshua sanctuary time and again as we traveled across the underlands. It was a similar situation to what i’d experienced at Livingwell, a place of sweetness and green fit for regeneration and recuperation on the campaign.

Such were the allies of Avalon that appeared along the way, a pantheon of characters who embodied the qualities and virtues of that mythos within the worlds.

I would confluence with these characters again during “The Misty Mountain” episode of 2021, arriving with Joshua Faust in the high mountains at the ley nexus of the western Americas. Here Nature Dreamweaver would show up again, bringing his heart and hearth to the fore in the creation of his sacred Nests and the field of inclusion they created for the people. I would encounter Not-a-King Niekko in his function of organizing and creating the land, of invoking the realm itself for the people to gather, and have my initiation into friendship with Cher Jolyne and more.

That it all happened within the realms of the Zen Awakening made it even more potent, for it was a consistent realm within the landscape of our stories, the land created by and held in space by Not-a-King Niekko’s magic.

Unlike many times we had encountered each other on the quest, Zor Fyregod was surprisingly absent. Having returned to the Southlands I half-expected to see him at least in passing like I had at the Cosmic Carnival, yet such was not the case.

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