Reflections – The New Gods

“Through the portal we set sail ‘cross the Ocean through the veil To the magick and the lore remember what we were before”

There is a deep magick in comic books.  A vibrational resonance that leads back to the highest and deepest remembrance of what it means to live in one’s embodied Divinity.  What looks on the surface to be the four-colour fisticuffs of iconic heroism holds within it the seeds of what we used to be and can be again. The vibration of that attainment would first appear in my field through the scripture of ‘The Nazz’, the comic serving as the surface form of that ancient mythos in it’s modern context.  Similarly, I found deep resonance in the presentation of ‘Mage – The Hero Discovered’, especially given that my own mythline held such Arthurian aspects. The Nazz.  Such was the embodiment of the Divine Masculine, of awareness and the siddhic virtue of that awareness.  Beautiful, yet unbalanced.  It would be in the reflection of Promethea ,the depth of sensation and incarnate Love, that I would see it’s mate.  The Shakti to the Shiva. Such characters were always more to me than blobs of ink and inspiration.  In them, the modern mythos of this Age, I saw Divinity itself, the powers and abilities of our yogic birthright rendered for all to see in a blaze of four-colour glory. It should be noted that what these comics pointed to, the archetypical forces that lay between the gutters of the page, were a felt thing, a resonant vibration that thrummed within the centre of my being long before I encountered the phrasing of them in classic yogic rhetoric. I have always wanted to write comics, since I was a childe.  Yet for me, such required a particular magick.  Recognizing myself as an embodied avatar, comics felt to be the best medium to describe the very real mythopoetic journeys I was having across the realms of the Mythica.
The New Gods – painted by Alex Ross
I remember in 2010 – Lands of Enchantment, the Idea passed across my mindseye.  Eager to do so and on some level already feeling the structure of the Mythica through the Akasha, I reached out to John H. Williams III, the artist on Promethea.  In my as-yet-untempered tones I tried to explain the concept, a new form of graphic novel that showcases real people moving through a magickal Universe towards Heaven on Earth, citing both Promethea and the Nazz in my exuberance.  The resonance did not land, at the time, which in my naviete I realized had to do with my skipping ahead of the embodiment of what actually was.  It would be nearly a decade of constant work and refinement before such dreams came to waking. Yet, it did come around.  Over the many years of the journey I would continue the forging of this excellent medium, a way of honouring our human journey into the Divinity that is our birthright.  Along the way I would meet many different characters, beings I interpreted as the heroines and heroes of the emergent World.  Beings like myself, who possessed talents and powers wrought in service to something larger than themselves. Such is the new mythology.  The hieroglyphic phrasing of our remembered Grace.  Bereft of the sanskara that defined the imprints of the fading Age, it was through the modern medium that I felt the vibration of God’s Kingdom.  It is in this way we realize, We are the New Gods.
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