If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a Quest

“Through the planes of Bright and Shadow to the depth from places shallow back to Home where things are hallowed full of Light and Wonder, full of bright and full of thunder to kiss my bones and fill my marrow”

If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a Quest.  Such is a statement I’ve said to myself many times, facing what I had to face to track the road back to Heaven on Earth.  I cannot count the number of times I wanted to give up, in which the only thing that kept me going was the understanding that death was no escape.  That the only way out was through.

Quest are always challenging.  It’s in their definition.  If we do not face the trials, we cannot embody the triumph.  If I had not gone through the madness of the Shadowlands, and come to understand the nature of consciousness and it’s relationship to our manifestation across the many realms of the Mythica, I would not understand the Brightlands, the redemption of those same vibrations into something more aligned with the Goodness and Grace that is God’s true nature.  And while I have been frustrated more times than I can count, while i have rallied and railed against the very nature of what must be done in the human condition, the fact remains – such has been the greatest Quest of a lifetime.  To not only live in a magickal Universe, but to provide a platform for others to step into that luminal space? Epic.

Each of us is ultimately on our own Quest.  The definition beings the revelation of the Gift that lay within us, the thing that wishes to be born through us, which changes the vibration of the planet.  It is our piece, our aspect of the great Song, the chorus of humanities collective Awakening.  And while this may not be easy to swallow for some of my Readers, I have labored to create a proof throughout the Mythica entire to illuminate the many angles of what I speak.  We are all on our own Quest.  Defined by the Physics of the Quest.  Across a multitiude of vibrational challenges that play out as the circumstances of our lives.  That demand the redemption of our fractured viewpoint of the World to something more clarified and redeemed.  Such is the upgrade to the old paradigm understanding of the Heroic Journey, the archeteypical pattern of trial & triumph that permeates all cultures, all impermanences of form and function.  That is the gravity of Story that underlies our singular and collective adventures.

We will face challenges.  We always face challenges.  How we face those challenges determines how quickly we move to the next stage, the next ‘level’ if You will, if our adventure.  It is the nature of triumphs that they must have a trial, and more often than not, we do not see the treasure that awaits us until well after the challenge has been faced.  Such is part and parcel of the definition and evolution of our personal Character, the role we play on the World stage.

Into the Mythica was created to help us understand the nature of the Quest.  To understand the nature of our own progression from ignorance to Self-Realization, to see how our Story fit in with the much larger Atlas of Stories that links us all together in a web of synchronicity and kismet.  She was created to help outline the Heroic Journey, so that we could better face the challenges that were the inevitable unfoldment of our personal evolution.  Such is the nature of the yoga of Story, the union we find with our own innermost Selves that comes from understanding the nature of our sacred journey.   Make no mistake, the Quest will be hard. Yet with proper training, a keen eye, and a willing Heart, we may all find our way to Victory.


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