The Harbor of Stars

The time i’ve spent here Star Harbor overlooking the lake has been pristine, filled with clarity and expansion. Here I look out the window to the glittering starlight of the sun’s light raining upon the ripples in the water, flush with a sense of communion with the Lady of the Lake, the ambient presence of form herself. There is a divination that resonates through the space informed by the water, by the mountains and my awareness of the deeper octaves of life.

It is a beautiful thing, for it shows the principle of “As Within, So Without – As Above, So Below” – that one’s outer circumstances reflect their inner upon the axis mundi of the self, where my placement along the lakeside in this moment of observance is the very embodiment of living myth.
In the subtlety I see it, a pattern of liquid geometry happening across the span of the wheel of time, my arrival in confluence with the Lady of Tahoe illuminating the mythos of my story.

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