Visions of the Surface, the Subtle and the Stars


There are many layers to the world. Many ways to map our quest to a new reality. In my journeys through the Mythica, I have found there to be five of relevance, energetic planes in the larger world which mirror our inner vibration.

In the image above we can see this, with the sliding images showing what in the Mythica are known as the Terrasphere, the Mythosphere/Mnemosphere, and the Akasphere, 4 of the five layers of the sacred land.

On the farmost left we see how things look on the surface of perception, on the most obvious layer of the land. In the middle we see the subtle world, the world of archetypes and elements, our way of navigating through the language of our story. To the far right is the same thing seen at a deeper level, in the geometric patterns which hold the synchronicities of our lives.

At the core of our journey along our Path & Land is the action of divination, the active process of investigating what the energies are within our selves and our environment. Such is the art and science of inquiry and reception, of setting our attention and intention towards understanding what forces are moving through our self and our environment at any given moment so that we can make more informed decisions about how we move through life.

There are many layers to the landscape of your Story

In the context our journey across the underlands of the Mythica, this divination can be seen as occurring on the layers of the land, through the surface, subtle and causal aspects of our experience.

This is shown in the triptic above, with the leftmost image showing how my standing in the forest looked on the surface of the world, followed by the suite of archetypical energies that was my divination of experience using the Thoth tarot deck. To the far right is a look into how that subtle world of divination appears in the more elemental and causal planes of the Akasphere, the constellation of karmas which define my place, purpose and progression within the Creation.

Such is the nature of the layers of the land, and it is happening for all of us, each on our unique journey through the Creation. It is the substance of our story, our ongoing divination into the nature of our Path. Understanding this, seeing it, seeing the richness in the layers of our experience is key to divining our way to a brighter world. When we can do this, when we can see the layers of our own story and how it plays out upon the Land, our eyes open, and the mythos that was always there can be seen.


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