Healing the Trauma of Fellowship

As we make our way into a new paradigm of health, wholeness and harmony we inevitably face challenges, traumas which exist both within our individual self and in the larger collective. Dealing with these patterns is an integral part of the Quest, for it is through their resolution and the transformation gained in our subtle structure that we change the karmic conditions of our lives. Yet to understand the nature of trauma and it’s resolution we must have a grip on the mechanics of why these things happen and how they appear on our Path.

Like all aspects of our Quest, the traumas of our life occur on both the surface and subtle layers of our Path and it’s Land, and understanding how they operate requires a certain framework.

As always, the most authentic example is one from my path, from the qualities of consciousness (Aka) that have occurred on my journey. Because we are all unique individuals, these qualities occur differently for each of us, appearing in the form of relationships which repeat along the spirals of our adventure through life. In my case, one of the primary patterns I have dealt with is that of dominance, of the movement from the ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ paradigm of existence to that of the round table, a place where we recognize each other’s intrinsic value and have a sense of fairness and fellowship in the way we engage. It has been a thing deeply related to my Mythos, to the over-arching quality of my story and to that of Ethos, how we respond to the circumstances which arrive on our path. To put that in context, while I have dealt with repetitive manifestations around the quality of ‘who’s on top of who’ in my story relating all the way back to being a child constantly pushed on by a domineering father and repeating across the spirals of my timeline in the form of my relationships with others.

Since my mythos is very much about the Grail quest and the Round Table, I consider such things to be fundamentally related, that the ideal and application of equality amongst the various Queens and Kings is the essence of that round table, and that when there is not that fairness, the Land suffers, obscuring the view of the treasure that can be shared by all. In many ways, it is the strangle of abundance from our collective, it’s opportunity lost in the warring factions of distorted minds.

This idea of dominance through force without humanism is rife within our changing world. It is the fundamental outrage of a military force invading a smaller and less warlike country, it is the bullying of a child in the schoolyard and the brutality of the police upon the very people they are sworn to protect. Seen in it’s larger sense, this is also the emotional manipulation that is done to dominate a circumstance, which is merely the same thing with a different face.

Yet while this is going on all across the world, the deeper question is – WHY

Traumas and Treasures are related to your lineage

To understand this, to understand why things occur on one’s timeline is difficult. Not because it is conceptually difficult to understand, but because we often do not have the anchored awareness of the subtle planes of life and simply cannot SEE the reason why things happen.

It all really relates to the idea of cause and effect, to the underlying physics of the universe that extend beyond the limited scope of our current lifetime into the much, much larger understanding of our collective consciousness and the reality that we move through many lives, many bodies and styles of being across many lifetimes, reincarnating over and over to play different roles in the Great Story of our shared unfoldment. Understanding this, or at least understanding it’s framework is crucial, for it relates to the reason why things are the way they are in your life.

Here the framework of the Mythica becomes necessary so that we may appreciate the scale of the events along our story. It is here that we look into the quality of an Aka, of the karmic constellation that defines the shape of our underland, that embodies the vibrational quality that we are negotiating in our current lifetime, in our current self. For me, that Aka has been about the quality of dominance, a thing stretching back along my ancestral lineage and further into the archetype of the King, the Peasant, the Conqueror and a host of others. It is a quality that has sat beneath those various archetypes, in a space beyond the individual perspective of a single lifetime into the much larger expanse of multiple lives, lineages, and the balance of power that moves within those spaces.

Yet are we animals? Is our reality defined by the tooth & the claw, or by our hearts and minds? Are we doomed to exist within a context of ‘kill or be killed’ or is there something greater?

During my time with Joshua there was a vast amount of this healing, a process by which I consistently walked a line between assertion and reception, between recognizing my own status as a mentor and an elder and the recognition that there were aspects of life to which Joshua was clearly my superior. I viewed it as a manifestation of the quality of equity in relationship, one which had occurred for me with my own mentor/teacher during the climactic moments of “Academy’s End”. There I had been disrespected, my wisdoms and intent unseen by the person I had considered both a mentor and a friend. As the archetype of that thing had come to me through my relationship with Joshua, I was determined for it not to repeat – that through my actions and right-regard I could heal that pattern within my own life and that of others.

From “The Magician’s Oasis”, 2018

“The Magician’s Oasis”

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