Realms of Faerie – Touching Grass

There are so many worlds on the World Tree. So much places that one can discover on their journey deeper into the Mythica. Worlds that exist at a confluence of moments, woven together in the strings of synchronicity that express the much deeper pattern below.

Realms occur differently for each of us, arriving on the many layers of our experience on the timeline of our life. For me, the realms of Faerie occurred strongly in the northwestern territories of the United States, flush in the rain forests of Oregon and her surroundings. It was there I had been led in my travels, following the signs leading me ever-deeper into the real magical world.

I’ve been extremely blessed in that the invocation of the Mythica spell brought me through the realms of Faerie as-they-exist in the world.

Songs of Faerie

Of the many magics that exist in the Faerie realms of the Mythica, it is the aka of family that holds it together. She is a realm on the world tree woven deeply of the nature of stories and song, flush with the bards and priestesses of the mythos itself.

For so many this is a place of returned innocence, allowing oneself to believe in their own magic, to discover that which had always lain within them, only seen in the softening branches of the natural world.

It is for this reason that Faerie exists for me closer to the center of Nature, away from the urban bustle of activity that defines “civilized” society. It is a quieter place, full of bubbles and transformation in a more gentle way … though not always. Trials and their treasures which occur in the realms of Faerie are no less elemental than in other planes, in the deep places of the subtle earth the aka remains the same – it is only the surface form which changes. The costume of a culture shorn away to reveal the deeper authenticity beneath.

In comparison to this , in 2014 I visited the Fairy Congress, a gathering of people who approached the realms of the deva in a different way, focusing on the divination and engagement of relation with the deva. It was a beautiful thing, another aspect of the larger realms. One no less authentic, nor more pristine. Simply different. Made of their own mythos and stories upon the sacred land. Of course, there was much overlap between these, for the territories of the Mythica are more constant than what things appear to be on the surface.

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